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Alumni Ecosystems

Enhance your institution's alumni network by breaking down silos and expanding connections. We help institutions overcome the barriers of isolated networks and limited exposure by engaging alumni through both digital and in-person interactions, tailored to their common interests, values, and life experiences. This approach unlocks a world of new opportunities and fosters authentic connections that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.
*Institutions include but are not limited to: universities, high schools, private academies, and corporations.

Transform Your Institution!

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Official Networking Platform for 2,500 attendees of Palooza 10, hosted by UCLA Anderson

Benefits for
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Institutional Leaders

Partnering with Grad Pad seamlessly enhances your alumni networks and empowers your teams to concentrate on their core responsibilities. By taking care of alumni management, we free up your departments to focus on what they do best.

Communicate with users instantly, leveraging the latest technology
Centralize relevant information, including user feedback
Maintain updated contact and professional information via profiles
Digitally engage alumni who can't join events in person.

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Overcome Silos

We used Grad Pad to build bridges and break down silos, which is key to our success as a top-tier MBA program.

Dylan Stafford
Dylan Stafford
FEMBA Assistant Dean
UCLA Anderson
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